Rent To Own

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Why Rent -When You Can

Rent to Own or Get Owner Financing? 

Rent to Own, Lease Options and Owner Financed Georgia Homes Available!

Georgia House Buyers INC and HNH Investment Group LLC are Georgia owned and operated companies and have been in Business since 2006. We are NOT Agents, Bankers or Mortgage Brokers that get paid to find or finance a home.  We are a Georgia Real Estate Investment Company that offers Rent to Own and Owner Financed homes in Georgia.

Rent to Own Homes in Atlanta

A Step Closer to Home Ownership
You are one step closer to moving into the home of your dreams. Home Ownership is a big responsibility and like home ownership it is not for everyone. We offer options for good people who can’t get a loan right now! You need to be aware that, like  owning a home, you have a lease payment to make, insurance to pay,  and you are responsible for repairs and maintenance on your new Rent to Own Home.  However we do include a Home Owners Warranty that will protect you by offsetting sometimes costly repairs. And Insurance can be as low as $5.00 a month. 

For More Information on How Our Rent to Own and Owner Financing Programs Work Visit –>

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